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Michal Wszola, Poland

Polbionica Sp. z o.o.

A transplant surgeon, dedicated physician and visionary scientist, and CEO of Polbionica Inc. Originator of the bionic pancreas – an organ that will restore the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and revolutionize the treatment of diabetes. He has been running a medical practice for years, leading a team that conducts innovative research - on a global scale – and searches for innovative solutions in medicine. He participated in the first pancreatic islet transplant in Poland (2008), the first pancreas-only transplant (2010) and the first exchange of kidney pairs between family donors (2015). The combination of his passions, transplantology and endoscopy, led to the creation of a new method of treating diabetes – endoscopic transplantation of pancreatic islets under the gastric mucosa. In 2013, he performed first such procedure in the world, which is now tested in several centers in the United States of America. He is currently continuing to work on a 3D printing project of a bionic pancreas with a research team at the Foundation of Research and Science Development. Since 2017, the Foundation, as the leader of the Bionic Consortium, has been working on the implementation of the bionic pancreas project. After only 2 years of preparation and testing, we printed the world’s first vascularized bionic pancreas prototype measuring 3x3x5cm. The 14th of March 2019 is the day when the team proved themselves and the world that the impossible became possible and that tissue and organ bioprinting is the future of modern medicine that will change the lives of many patients. Our mission is to bring 3D printing of the bionic pancreas into clinical practice worldwide. Nowadays a broad spectrum of scientific data showing results of transplantation into large animals of 3D bioprinted bionic pancreas are being presented.

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