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Best Abstracts Session

Best Abstracts Session

Monday April 24, 2023 | 14:45 to 16:25
Room: Riverfront
Track: N/A


Dr. Xiaofeng Huang, United States
Restoring glucose homeostasis with stomach-derived human insulin-secreting organoids

Dr. Valeria Sordi, Italy
Identification of beta cell differentiation-prone iPSC clones

Dr. Nerea Cuesta Gomez, Canada
AKT inhibitor AT7867 potentiates pancreatic progenitor differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells

Mr. Chencheng Wang, Norway
Nutrient control of insulin secretion in stem cell-derived islets

Prof. Andres J Garcia, United States
Synthetic hydrogels for islet/SC vascularization, engraftment, and immune acceptance

Dr. Ji Lei, United States
Allogeneic pancreatic islets transplanted to a bioengineered omentum achieves euglycemic control in a diabetic NHP model

Dr. Nidheesh Dadheech, Canada
Complete suspension culture biomanufacturing of human pluripotent stem cell-derived islets for diabetes cell therapy

Mrs. Jolien R Nijns, Belgium
Vascularization of beta cell mass in device-encapsulated hPSC-derived pancreatic endoderm implants in subcutis of nude rats

Dr. Harald Stover, Canada
Immuno-privileged hydrogels protect functionality of islets transplanted into immunocompetent diabetic animals without immunosuppression

Mr. Praveen Kumar Raju Pedabaliyarasimhuni, Canada
Pre-vascularized bioartificial pancreas device development using 3D printing

Ms. Julia Thorngren, Sweden
Transplanted pluripotent stem cell-derived islets engraft superior to human islets

Dr. Adriana Migliorini, Canada
Deciphering the hematopoietic pancreatic niche during human fetal development

Dr. Matthias Austen, Germany
Manufacturing of optimized human islet-like clusters (ILCs) from iPSCs and functional testing of an ILC + Cell PouchTM combination in vivo

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